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Trust And Safety

Alleppey taxi service is regulated to ensure the safety of the people we serve. Every day, we transport hundreds of thousands of people safely to millions of destinations across the nation. Our customers trust us to keep them safe and to get them where they need to be on time. Being responsible for the safety of passengers is a tremendous responsibility; we and our drivers understand this and see passenger safety as our number one priority.

Feel The Comfort

People riding in Alleppey taxi service can feel secure that they are covered should an accident occur. Pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists are covered too. Regulated taxicabs have full commercial insurance to protect all parties should an accident ever occur, and taxicab operators use state-of-the-art secure payment systems to protect customer identity and card information.

Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are trained and licenced as professional drivers. They have completed a taxi driver training programs offered at community colleges across the nation. Only drivers with a clean driving record are permitted to work for a regulated taxi company; necessary checks are conducted. Many of our drivers receive special training in how to serve and transport persons with disabilities and other vulnerable people. We have very firm rules about the age of cars that are permitted to enter into use as a taxi.


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